Exadel Branding and Responsive Site Redesign


After I participated in a branding exercise with the creative team, it was time to roll out the new guidelines and update the company's website. In addition to incorporating these new visual standards, it was essential we work closely with sales and marketing to tell Exadel's story and increase quality leads.

My Role

UI Designer, Product Designer


In order to maximize efficiency and roll out the new designs as quickly as possible, I worked closely with marketing to develop the roll-out strategy. Instead of attempting a big, waterfall redesign and launch, we took a more flexible approach and decided on our "MVP" for the initial release. We defined the areas of expertise that Exadel wanted most to highlight, and designed standalone pages for each service. This allows us to roll out each page as it's ready - ensuring that anything ready for production and ready to receive leads doesn't gather dust when it could be making money. We also A/B test different versions of the pages to see which elements users respond best to.

I came up with a bright, approachable style that leaned heavily on iconography to help tell Exadel's story. These impactful colors and icons give users a clear picture of what Exadel does. I leaned on my front-end development experience to provide the development team with a grid-based design that would seamlesssly translate across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Because the rollout is ongoing, it was important we develop a design system and style guide - allowing any member of the global design time to jump in and get to work while ensuring a cohesive look across the site.

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